June 11-13, 2019

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This year Ridder’s stand is packed with solutions and products. This year a big focus will lie on innovation, since Ridder has been nominated three (1) GreenTech Innovation Awards. Please join us, discover our new solutions and let yourself inspire with the most complete and innovative greenhouse technology that we can offer.

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Ridder GreenTech Innovation Award nominees

Ridder NoNa+*

Ridder NoNa+ is the industry’s first cost-efficient sodium-removal solution that removes harmful sodium levels from drain water and enables emission free cultivation thanks to an unique combination of selective membrane and electrodialysis technology. This innovative system minimizes the loss of expensive fertilizers and makes it possible to remove sodium without adding other minerals.

Ridder CloudManager

Ridder CloudManager is the world’s first cloud-based greenhouse control solution that provides greenhouse growers with unique multi-site management capabilities, unparalleled touch-enabled mobile control features, in-app alarm features and secure data storage, user-management and export possibilities.

Ridder CO2 Optimizer*

The Ridder CO2 Optimizer is the first autonomous advisory tool to help growers apply the best possible CO2 dosing strategy. By taking into account the real-time cost of dosing supplemental CO2 and the future revenues that the extra crop yields will provide, the Ridder CO2 Optimizer enables greenhouse growers to implement the most cost-effective CO2 dosing strategy and boost their bottom line.

Ridder Co-Creation Climate Screens*

Ridder introduces Co-Creation Climate Screens, a service that provides tailor-made climate screens, developed and manufactured in The Netherlands. The fastest solution for professionals demanding flexible and affordable innovative screening solutions, customized to the growers or installers need.

*Nominated Innovations

Ridder Speakers at GreenTech Amsterdam

GreenTech Amsterdam 2019 will include a knowledge programme of top notch keynote speakers and enables you to talk to experts on a variety of issues. You can find four speakers of Ridder at GreenTech.

Innovations to reduce discharge water & improve crop yield

Jerre de Blok 

Drought is a global issue. Even a water-rich country like The Netherlands is not safe. In 2018, a very dry summer shocked the country and the Dutch agriculture & horticulture industry felt the impact most notably. What innovative technologies are available to make the  resilient horticulture industry less susceptible to future water crises? Can growers reduce the discharge of water without putting their crop yields at risk?


  • Tuesday 11 June 2019
  • 15:00 – 15:30
  • Hall 11
  • Climate, Water and Energy Theatre

The five most common revenue reducing mistakes in cannabis production

Wil Lammers

The fast-growing marker for legalized Medicinal Marijuana creates speed and need for new knowledge on cultivation methods. What are the most common AND costly mistakes that we encounter in this market and what kind of mistakes new entrants should avoid? How do you get from an investment plan to a successfully yielding crop and venture?


  • Wednesday 12 June 2019
  • 15:30 - 16:00
  • Hall 11
  • Climate, Water & Energy Theatre

Insights on combining vertical farming and traditional technology

By Joep van den Bosch (Ridder), Robert Colangelo (Green Sense Farms) and Juan Miguel Morales (Rufepa)

Today, vertical farming and traditional greenhouses are seen as different solutions for different markets and crops. A closed look into the technology provides new insights on combining the technology into new concepts. A combination of vertical and horizontal production can be the most optimal solution for many markets and crops.


  • Thursday 11 June 2019
  • 13:30 - 14:00
  • Hall 11
  • Trends & Innovations Theatre

Objectives and technology principles of semi-closed greenhouse cultivation

By Vincent Aubret

Semi-Closed Greenhouse Growing has become a common practice in the French horticulture sector. Especially in Southern-France, where almost every investment in new high-tech greenhouse projects considers a semi-closed greenhouse system. What are the main objectives for French growers to invest in this new type of greenhouse cultivation system, what kind of principles, technologies and methods do the growers apply, and what can growers and investors in other countries learn from this?


  • Thursday 13 June 2019
  • 11:30 - 12:00
  • Hall 11
  • Climate, Water and Energy Theatre

Ridder: the most complete supplier of inside greenhouse technology.

  • Drive Systems - Ridder is the market leader for reliable, self-locking drive systems for greenhouse operations. Growers, greenhouse builders and installers around the world have all come to rely on our knowledge, service and support.
  • Climate Screens - Maximum crop yields, lower energy costs, consistent quality, and a better working environment. We understand the importance of creating an ideal climate inside the greenhouse.
  • Process Automation - Maximize your yields. Collect and analyse crop-related information, and optimize your crop's productivity and quality while minimizing the use of resources.
  • Water Treatment - All Ridder’s innovative water management systems are designed to provide the best solution for all the water-management challenges that you face as a grower.
  • Management Systems - Control costs and quality standards with versatile all-round management solutions and powerful reporting functions.

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